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Final Bible study session from Aaron and Karen

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Finale Video!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Does Our Imperishable Identity Thrive and Survive in This World of Darkness?

Ben Collins' message from Thursday evening. It's part five of five from his series Can I See Some I.D.? Listen to our download this message now.

Being God's Temple: Girls Session

Select Karen McDermott's Thursday morning teaching to hear her finish their consideration of being ransomed and teach about believers being the temple of God.

God's Temple and Priesthood: Boys Session

Select Aaron Davitch's Thursday morning teaching to hear him teach about believers being the temple of God and his priesthood.

Spirtual Milk, Drink it up!

“You can be a milkman!” “You can be a milkmaid!” That’s the way Ben Collins described what could happen if the youth were to crave the pure spiritual milk of God’s Word, take it in, grow, and then carry it to others so that they can take it in and grow (see 1 Peter 2:1-10). He stirred us to LONG for the pure spiritual milk, just as the Bible says. He said “Don’t deprive yourself. Drink deeply. Drink often.” Then, as God’s chosen people, you can begin to “proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” (2:9).

There were two challenging questions to close: 1) Are you living to proclaim God’s excellencies?” and, 2) Who is Christ to you? Is He the precious cornerstone or a stone of stumbling to you? These questions led some into an extended time of reflection and prayer over the Word spoken. We sang. We cried. We smiled. We prayed. My comment afterwards was “We were finished, but God is not.” So, we waited and watched God work on hearts, young and old. Please pray that the seeds planted tonight would find hearts of good soil and grow up to produce eternal fruit for the fame of God’s excellencies and the increase of our joy, in Jesus’ name.

Loving the Kindness of our Heavenly Father,

Pastor Gil

The Growth of Our Imperishable Identity Together

Ben Collins' message from Wednesday evening. It's part four of five from his series Can I See Some I.D.? 
Listen to or download this message now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Worship of the Worthy One

Praying Friends,

One thing that I am enjoying very much is how the Lord is graciously interweaving the content of the morning sessions and evening sessions. Our speakers are worshiping God over His Word in front of the youth. What a gift!

This is a wonderful bunch of young people. So many seem to be engaged in the Word and seeking the God of the Word. The Lord brought us an especially robust time of worship tonight. Hearts and hands and voices, old and young, were lifting up the Worthy Lamb of God. Please pray that God would continue this good work He has begun.

Tonight we called off the night game tonight because of the impending inclement weather. Please pray that the Lord would keep us safe and keep our hearts joyful and trusting in Him.

For Christ in the Campers,
Pastor Gil

Our Precious & Imperishable Identity Because of What God Has Done

Ben Collins' message from Monday evening. It's part two of five from his series Can I See Some I.D.? Listen to or download this file now.

24hrs In!

Dear Friends,
We are 24hrs into camp! The youth are settling in, shouting cheers, singing songs, hearing the Word, eating well, playing hard, and sleeping… some.
I love seeing how God answers prayer at camp. Since we knew it looked like rain, we prayed for sun but also for good attitudes if it did rain. So… while it rained this morning we were led in an exercise session by two finely athletically dressed and amazingly energetic individuals. No rain in our hearts this morning!
Our Father continues to be remarkably good to us. Some of the youth finished their swim tests this afternoon with the temp in the mid-60s and gusty winds! The fact that they were in the water gives witness to God’s grace. We had not been able to find a life guard as we prepped for camp. But in the eleventh hour (Saturday night before we left for camp) God gave us two lifeguards! Praise God for Rachel and Justin and brave swimmers! 
Onward with Jesus and for Jesus,

Pastor Gil

Elect Exiles: Girls Session

Select Karen McDermott's Monday morning teaching session for girls to listen or download the lesson on what it means for Christians to be elect exiles in this world.

Elect Exiles: Boys Session

Select Aaron Davitch's Monday morning teaching session for boys to listen or download the lesson on what it means for Christians to be elect exiles in this world.

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Kevin J. Dau
Camp Director

Am I An Alien?

Ben Collins' message from Sunday evening. It's part one of five from his series Can I See Some I.D.? Listen to or download this file now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Youth Summer Camp Prayer Guide

Here is a link to our summer prayer guide. Be in prayer for us all week!

We Made It!

Greetings from Camp Shetek! The Lord has been gracious to us. We arrived safely and there was not a hint of rain. The forecast predicts this will not last, but we are being bold with our prayers.

We are well fed and now worshiping the Lord in our evening chapel session. Look for our prayer guide and other items throughout the week.

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